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Joe L.

We work together as a team to accomplish our common goals and ensure the success of the company. We have dedicated employees here at KWP, and we can count on them to show up and work together to get the job done. We have lots of employees putting in voluntary overtime to ensure the work gets done. This is just one example of our teamwork and dedication.

We have great office support and strong upper management. When we need product or equipment supplies or repairs/replacement, our upper management works to ensure we have what we need to keep production moving.

We have had very few recordables, which was not always the case. Our team works to promote safety and do all we can to minimize accidents.

There is a lot of opportunity for advancement for a company of such a small size. We offer many merits, from quality to production rate incentives. KWP also provides its employees with weekly and yearly bonuses, as well as vacation, health care, and other benefits many companies this size could not or would not offer.

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