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Kentuckiana Wood Products, Inc., is a custom pallet manufacturer locally owned and operated in Jeffersonville, Indiana and services Louisville Metro and the surrounding areas. We are a second-generation, woman-owned business with the third generation in the wings. We’ve been in business for 43 years and have been a Better Business Bureau member since 1986, with an A+ rating.

Kentuckiana Wood Products, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality wooden shipping materials including custom pallets, skids, crates, dunnage and more! We specialize in building products too large or too small to be manufactured with a standard pneumatic nailing machine. We also provide heat treatment services for exportation.

Our customers are satisfied because of our simple yet diehard belief in quality and on-time delivery. Our philosophy that “giving is receiving” keeps our customers happy. We are also team member oriented with an emphasis on that which is in the best interest of our ‘Second Chance’ team members. This permeates how we run our business, our management styles, in our policies and even in our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement:

“The Foundation of this Company is based on the trust that one receives in exact and direct proportion to what one gives, therefore, our mission as a corporation comprised of individuals is to support this truth.

As a group, we dedicate ourselves to this truth, which results in our being a profitable manufacturer of quality products offering superior service and unquestionable integrity to our customers. We offer our vendors the same opportunity to provide us with products and services that supports our ability to be a manufacturer. We in no way begrudge our vendors their profits the same as we expect to earn from our customers. Most of all, we want to recognize one of our biggest assets; our team members. We want to provide each one the opportunity to be all that they want to be as individuals and as an important part of this Company. This holds true for our President, our Board of Directors, the Management Team, and the so very important Production worker.”

Being cognitive that we are not the only pallet company capable of producing custom pallets, along with the fact that we certainly are not the biggest nor the cheapest company, we have found our success is in offering superior quality and undying customer service to every customer that supports us.


In early 2020, Kentuckiana Wood Products, Inc. was nominated for One Southern Indiana’s “Business of the Year” award. We found this to be a great opportunity to get some feedback from our team members about working for our company. Click the link below to see what they have to say.

Team Members Testimonials

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