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Custom Products

While we can manufacture the standard type pallet, we truly have found that our niche is in the custom pallet that is too small or too large for the mass-producing nailing machines that spit out the standard 4’ x 4’ pallets.

We are also capable of producing a small number or a large quantity of pallets depending on your needs. Chances are if you called another pallet vendor in the area and said you need one to five custom pallets, they referred you to Kentuckiana Wood Products. On the other hand, we have customers that we deliver products to three to five times a week every week.


We manufacture a large array of wooden products besides pallets & skids. Here are a few:

  • Cradles for Steel Coils
  • Pointed Stakes
  • Cut Stock
  • Replacement Boards
  • Chamfered Boards
  • Dunnage
    (Grooved and Non-Grooved)
  • Notched Runners
  • Blocking Material
  • Crates (all shapes and sizes)
  • V-Blocks
  • Pallet Dividers
  • Pipe Dividers
  • Frames for Vertical Shipping
  • Drilled Stock
  • Wedges
  • Heat Treat Service for Pallets, Skids, Crates, Dunnage and more (See “Additional Services” for more information)
  • Heat Treatment Kits

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