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Kentuckiana Wood Products, Inc., is a custom pallet manufacturer locally owned and operated in Jeffersonville, Indiana and services Louisville Metro and the surrounding areas.  We’ve been in business for 43 years and have been a Better Business Bureau member since 1986, with an A+ rating.

Our Team Members Say


In early 2020, Kentuckiana Wood Products, Inc. was nominated for One Southern Indiana’s “Business of the Year” award.  We found this to be a great opportunity to get some feedback from our team members about working for our company. Click the link below to see what they have to say.

Product Delivery


Kentuckiana Wood Products, Inc. owns a fleet of 5 delivery trucks so we can meet your product delivery needs. For trips outside of our delivery range, we will work with one of our trusted freight companies to ensure you get the best price available and on-time delivery.


Kentuckiana Wood Products Inc.

Established in 1978, Kentuckiana Wood Products is a pallet manufacturing corporation with high integrity, solid growth, and effective management. We manufacture custom designed pallets to fit your specialized needs. If you need a small pallet or a large pallet, and / or you need to have pallets heat treated for exportation, we are the company for you.

Our customers are satisfied because of our simple but diehard belief in quality and on-time delivery. Our philosophy that “giving is receiving” keeps our customers happy. We invite you to call a sampling of our happy customers, to hear it for yourself.

Please click here to read an article about Kentuckiana Wood Products in The Evening News of Jeffersonville, Indiana ( on December 28, 2010. Connie Poole CEO & President.

Meeting your needs is our #1 priority.

We realized there are numerous pallet companies in the Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana area that may be capable of filling your company needs. So, how do we meet your needs and distinguish ourselves from the rest?

1. We are a custom design pallet operation: We can manufacture the standard type pallet, as can most pallet manufacturers in the area, but we truly have found that our niche in the custom pallet that is too small or too large for the mass producing nailing machines that spit out the standard 4×4 pallets.

2. We are flexible: We are capable of producing a small number or a large quantity of pallets depending on your needs. Chances are if you called another pallet vendor in the area and said you need one to five custom pallets they referred you to Kentuckiana Wood Products. On the other hand, we have customers that we deliver products to three to five times a week every week.

3. We produce many wooden products: We manufacture a large array of wooden products besides pallets & skids.

Here are a few:

  • Cradles for steel coils
  • Pointed stakes
  • Cut stock
  • Replacement boards
  • Chamfered boards
  • Dunnage
  • Notched runners
  • Blocking material
  • Crates (all kinds and all sizes)
  • V-Blocks
  • Pipe dividers
  • Pallet dividers
  • Frames for vertical shipping
  • Drilled stock
  • Wedges
  • Heat treat pallets, skids,
  • dunnage and more
  • Heat treatment kits

4. We are quality oriented! Employees are evaluated weekly on their ability to follow instructions and in the assembly department employees are graded on the quality of the products they produce. It is not that we never mess up… we do, but we have programs in place to rectify a mistake, like our non-conforming report where the problem must be resolved to the customers satisfaction.

Also all of our regular customers have their pallets and skids specifications in our customer spec books. The specs typically include a drawing of their products along with “quality alerts”. Quality alerts are specs that vary from the norm, like when the customers asked for five nails per joint on their pallets verses the standard three nails, etc.

5. We are professionals! We have been in business over 42 years. We have the best team! Kentuckiana Wood Products is recognized as a great place to work. Our employees receive great benefits! Annual raises and bonus are earned and given for exemplary work. Customer service is so drilled into who we are that everyone of our employees know we do whatever we can, to make and keep our customers happy.

Custom Pallets and Skids

Our niche is custom pallets built to your specs, we can help with the design. We can supply the standard GMA pallet as can any pallet vendor, but if what you need is a custom built pallet, then you will definitely want to call Kentuckiana Wood Products!

Professionally Heat Treated

If you export products you will need heat treated pallets that comply with the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Phytosanitary Standards (ISPM 15) required worldwide.

We make sure your pallets meet the prescribed methods for heat treatment so that your products are not detained. Read more in our Heat Treatment section. Click here and go to Heat Treatment.

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