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Beverly A.

KWP should be named Business of the Year because of our hard-working CEO and president. She has the biggest heart and cares for KWP employees’ work life and personal life.

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Jordan A.

It is great to have direct orders that are easy to follow. The training is great, and everyone here is dedicated. There is good communication between upper and lower management and employees.

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Katy A.

This year in particular, we have been able to make massive improvements to our facility. In my opinion, the most notable of these was a complete remodel of what was once an outdated breakroom.

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Esteban C.

We care about quality. We have good management and we make a good team.

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Miguel C.

We put an emphasis on safety and provide free and discounted Personal Protective Equipment.

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Melanie C.

Our boss invests her money back into us. There is lots of care put into the employees.

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Tim C.

KWP is a great place to work. Everyone here is friendly and we work together to get the jobs done.

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Abdull H.

There is motivation to get the product out.

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Joe L.

We work together as a team to accomplish our common goals and ensure the success of the company. We have dedicated employees here at KWP, and we can count on them to show up and work together to get..

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Richard R.

KWP is family orientated. We have good teams on both floors (Cut Department and Build Department). As employees of KWP, we have understanding and respect for each other so that

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Mike S.

We have Joe! (Our Production Manager)

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Ryan H.

We all work together and communicate with each other. We are all on the same page. It is not just me or us, it’s a great place!

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Kenny N.

We have good leadership structure. Everyone stays on track. I am proud to work here!

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John P.

We work together to make the best pallets! We show dedication to improving our employees’ lives in any way we can. We go as far as to provide informal counseling and have even sat down with individual

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